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Truly Champion

Posted in Gado-Gado CampuR aduK,, by paibiopai on January 18, 2011

If today we Googling who was the winner in marathon at the Olympic Games in Mexico in 1968, then it will be very hard to find. But there was a memorable that inspire many people in that Olympic event. He was not the champion, instead he touched the finish line at the end of time when all the audience were about to go home. This half-crippled runner ran with great difficulty entering the Olympic stadium in Mexico City that had been getting dark, due to the incidence of fatal collisions with other runners at the start of a marathon race.

The committee has asked him to stop his wound that spilled blood, but he rejects, named John Stephen Akhwari, of Tanzania. Then after the game there was a man asked him “Why did you not stop when injured at the beginning of the game?” He said, “My country did not send me 5.000 miles just to start the game, they sent me 5.000 miles to finish it.” Until now Akhwari became INSPIRATION to many people in the world, not because he obtained the gold medal, but for a high commitment to finish the game in spite of his injury.

What about us? Are we going to stop to reach our DREAM just because we are “slightly injured”? Or we will continue to fight despite many challenges and the physical difficulties that not supporting us to reach the line?

Keep fighting man !  Allah swt will see your efforts..


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