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forensic entomology

Posted in Forensic Entomology & DNA Barcoding by paibiopai on October 7, 2009

to be more specifically, my thesis topic is about forensic entomology in molecular view especially in molecular mtDNA barcoding

just FYI,,

what is forensic entomology???

Forensic Entomology is the use of the insects, and their arthropod relatives that inhabit decomposing remains to aid legal investigations.  The broad field of forensic entomology is commonly broken down into three general areas: medicolegal, urban, and stored product pests.  The medicolegal section focuses on the criminal component of the legal system and deals with the necrophagous (or carrion) feeding insects that typically infest human remains. The urban aspect deals with the insects that affect man and his immediate environment. This area has both criminal and civil components as urban pests may feed on both the living and the dead. The damage caused by their mandibles (or mouthparts) as they feed can produce markings and wounds on the skin that may be misinterpreted as prior abuse. Urban pests are of great economic importance and the forensic entomologist may become involved in civil proceedings over monetary damages.   Lastly, stored product insects are commonly found in foodstuffs and the forensic entomologist may serve as an expert witness during both criminal and civil proceedings involving food contamination. (Byrd, 2009)

that’s it, i’m gonna playing with corpses and their maggots all over it.. it’s kinda interesting thing for me, and makes me evaluate myself about all i’ve done for ages,, it can be deducted that human is nothing than maggots.. maggots will eat our body and make it unformed body, heu.. yeah, just do the best in our existing life..

just a reflection of myself  (^c^)v

and then how diverse is forensic entomology??? just follow my posts after this..

any critics needed for developing this topics.. thank’s alot


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  1. lin said, on January 13, 2010 at 2:42 pm

    just copy and paste… aku pun amek subject ni.. in fact ini projek aku tok keje skrg..

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